Happy New Year!

Life has been full of extreme highs & lows lately. My faith in God has allowed me to push forward & see the positives & blessings. My computer completely broke, so I was without one for a while. I have a new laptop now (thank you Cyber Monday). We've been preparing for a deployment as well. This will be our longest time apart. I plan on using this blog as an outlet for my feelings during that time. Hopefully I can connect with other Military Spouses or anyone going through similar situations during that time. I'll start with a brief summary of each month since I last blogged.

Ben had work in another state for a whole month. I had a breakdown a few days into it and Ben's Mom came to the rescue. Camden was teething and Shane was testing limits as usual. Thank god we are over the teething for now. Testing limits not so much!

Camden graduated to the next class at Gymboree. I bought this cap and gown on Etsy. 

Ben's Mom had to get back to her life in California. A few days after she left, my Dad flew in to help out with the kids. Shane also started Zoo School early in October. It's a nature based pre-school with daily field trips to the zoo! It's so perfect for Shanes love of animals and personality. Halloween was a blast. Shane was Edward Scissorhands and Camden was a bumble bee.

We started off the month with two flights to Hawaii. We stayed at Disney Aulani for seven days. That will be an entire post in itself. It was a great time and I highly recommend the resort. Later that month we had our whole family spend Thanksgiving at our home. 

My boys and I at Disney Aulani. Matching Mommy and son outfits from Pinapples Boutique in Oahu. This boutique is another reason why I can't wait to go back to Hawaii.

Camden started walking at 10 months! He's on the move and will soon be running. I can't believe he's a few weeks from turning one. Somehow Ben had Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years off! We spent the day at home, just the four of us. December 28, I received news that my close friend Durand passed away at 34 years old. We were friends since high school. He was the kindest and funniest person. I knew this was coming for a while, but I was still shocked when I found out. We had text messaged just a few hours before his death. We talked on the phone the day before. Everything was normal, I had no reason to believe he would be leaving us so soon. While it's very sad, I'm very grateful he was at home when it happened. Not in a hospital, not on a Grayhound bus, not in another state. He was right where he needed to be. We won't know exactly what happened for 2-3 months when the autoposy results come in. With that, I will just say if you or anyone you know if suffering from addiction, please accept or encourage help. Please believe that you or they, can't just quit without the proper support for your situation. I wanted so much more for Durand. While it seems his life was cut short, I find great comfort knowing he's at peace. No longer will I worry if he's ok, I now know he is. My heart goes out to his wonderful family. One beautiful thing out of this situation is I have reconnect with some old friends. I'm very grateful for my wonderful husband and friends. 

Baby C's not a fan of Santa and Mrs. Clause.

I'm wearing my somewhat ugly Christmas sweater. It features a Christmas tree, beaded embellishments, Cowboy boots, and it's pink. I have it listed in my Poshmark Closet. It's truly unique and I got so many compliments on it. 

Durand & I at Venice Beach 2012.

We are now facing the reality of this upcoming deployment. It's really happening and soon. I'm very blessed that my Dad will be moving in with us the whole time Ben is gone. We're having a birthday party for Camden next weekend. I'm trying not to stress out about having things perfect. The kids will have fun and that's all that matters. My Poshmark business has been a little slow. I'm guessing it's because we just had the holidays. I'm sure it will pick up as we move into spring. I've been selling a lot of workout clothes, now that everyones ready for 2020. I sell mostly Athleta & Lululemon, which is what I wear. What are you Lululemon Favorites? I love my Align Leggings 28" to be exact. FYI they offer 25% off for military and that includes clearance.

I need to start my day. Camden's getting ready for a nap. Thanks for reading!