Happy New Year!
Life has been full of extreme highs & lows lately. My faith in God has allowed me to push forward & see the positives & blessings. My computer completely broke, so I was without one for a while. I have a new laptop now (thank you Cyber Monday). We've been preparing for a deployment as well. This will be our longest time apart. I plan on using this blog as an outlet for my feelings during that time. Hopefully I can connect with other Military Spouses or anyone going through similar situations during that time. I'll start with a brief summary of each month since I last blogged.

September Ben had work in another state for a whole month. I had a breakdown a few days into it and Ben's Mom came to the rescue. Camden was teething and Shane was testing limits as usual. Thank god we are over the teething for now. Testing limits not so much!

Camden graduated to the next class at Gymboree. I bought this cap and gown on Etsy. 

October Ben's Mom had to get bac…